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September 13, 2017

The Wood Report: Heat Check – How deep is each NCAA XC team?

With the Wood Report publication in full-swing, the CITIUS MAG brain trust has access to exciting new numbers, figures and data, and boy are we excited to share some of them with you. On an on-going basis, we will be publishing some data visualization to accompany Issac’s hard numbers. Consider it an ice cold seltzer to wash down that beet salad you love so much.

If you haven’t read the full Wood Report projections, check em out here:

Without further ado, here is a nice chart, which serves as a heat-map of sorts:

Down the vertical column, we placed the men’s teams in projected finish order at XC Nationals (note: BYU has been removed from the Wood Report and this chart in order to protect a conflict of interest between Isaac’s employer and this dang analysis). Down the horizontal rows, we have color shade assigned based on where that specific runner is projected to finish. White is good, red is bad. For instance, you can look at Oregon, who is projected to finish fifth, but whose 5, 6, and 7 runners are pretty solid. Does this mean that they could be a sleeper team for a podium spot? Not a bad conjecture given the above data!

If you have any questions or concerns about the above, hit us up on twitter at @isthatsol and @wood_report.

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