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November 14, 2018

Wood Report: 2018 NCAA Cross Country Championship Men’s Individual Projections & All-Americans

The 2018 NCAA Cross Country Championships are here. It’s been a long time coming. I can think back upon opening Excel in the summer to start up on crunching the numbers for this but it’s finally real. In the very first rankings, I left out BYU because I didn’t want to show any bias and didn’t want it to have an impact on the team seeing the numbers and then we included them last year. Things didn’t go as hoped so we removed them from all Wood Report projections in 2018.

For those curious on the method to the madness, here is the introductory post on how I’ve devised my rankings and ratings from back in September. We’ll see how right and how wrong I am on Saturday. Regardless of my personal results, we are in for a thrilling race and one of the best in years on both the individual and team levels.

You’ll hear from me again after the NCAA cross country championships when we wrap up all the action but if this is one of the last things that you read from me, thank you for following along all season. You can reach me at @Wood_Report on Twitter. If you’re in Madison, say what’s up. I’ll be the tall guy in BYU apparel.

Catch me on the CITIUS MAG Podcast for a full preview of this weekend’s events.

Here are the official Wood Report pre-NCAA National Championship Individual Rankings:

Low and behold.

# First Last School Year
248 Jerald Taylor Wyoming SO
247 Jonah Henry Wyoming SR-4
246 Nick Steele Villanova SO
245 Theo Burgwald Purdue SO
244 Zach Black Iowa State JR
243 Ben Barrett North Carolina St. JR
242 Koy Moore Southern Utah SR
241 Matthew Newland Florida State FR
240 Alec Hartman Bradley SO
239 Christian Alberico Iona JR
238 Zach Swenson Villanova SR
237 Kyle Griffith Purdue FR
236 Paxton Smith Colorado JR
235 Liam Kennell Southern Utah SR
234 Sean Newcomb Southern Utah JR
233 Patrick Sheehan North Carolina St. SR
232 Tyson Murray Florida State JR
231 Gus Newcomb Colorado FR
230 Jake Johnson Texas SO
229 Jordan Brannan Iona SO
228 Jack Franklin Bradley FR-1
227 George Espino Southern Utah SR
226 Felix Kosgei Oklahoma State JR
225 Mahmoud Moussa Washington SR
224 Patrick Sullivan Air Force JR
223 Forrest Barton Colorado St. JR
222 Maximilano Martinez Colorado St. SO
221 Matthew Courtenay Iona FR
220 Reese Jordan Indiana FR
219 Jacob Branch Michigan SO
218 Satchel Caldwell Colorado St. JR
217 Tyler Keslin Notre Dame SO
216 Michael Downey Wyoming JR
215 Bradley Wattleworth Notre Dame SR
214 Pedro Nasta Texas SR
213 Alec Schrank Air Force SO-2
212 Jacob Bilvado Air Force SR
211 Martin Barr Villanova SO
210 Daniel Michalski Indiana SR-4
209 Ryan Riddle Tulsa FR
208 Daniel Hintz Wyoming JR
207 Zach Stewart Eastern Kentucky JR
206 Jacob Lee Michigan SO
205 Paul Stafford Florida State FR
204 Graham Brown Arkansas JR
203 Ryan Smeeton Oklahoma State JR
202 Bailey McIntire Purdue FR
201 Scott Johnson Air Force SO-2
200 Ed Trippas Princeton SO
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