Feast your eyes on the best male athlete portraits in track and field (Part IV)

By Citius Mag Staff

April 20, 2017

For most, the opportunity to have widely-circulated portrait ends in high school, or starts after your first petty crime, but, PER USUAL, student-athletes are exempt from these rules. They get their mugs immortalized 1-3 times a career depending on the quality of their respective sports information department intern. And, If we’ve learned anything over the years, it’s if you give a runner the chance to act like a high schooler again, he or she will double-down on that offer every damn time. After this was a hit, we’ve decided to make it a recurring weekly round-up on Citius Mag dot com, we present a handful of kids who loved playing dress-up well after it was an activity anything close to appropriate with regards to their age.

We know you have more so shoot them our way via email or Twitter DM. Our info is at the bottom of the post.

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Onto this week’s champions:

will dudek headshot

Our friends from Wesleyan sent this one in. We’d like to venture a guess that someone may have had too much fun at the first party of the year, passed out with his shoes on and then ultimately paid the price. Now this begs the question: If this were to happen to you, wouldn’t you just shave the other one off as well?

This one comes to us from UMBC and it just continues the trend that the Billy Goat look is back. It’s a little patchy here but still gets the job done.

So Minnesotan, it hurts. Toss some sunglasses on him and you would think that Heath Ledger was back from the dead for a Lords of Dogtown sequel.

*Listens to Insane Clown Posse once*

If you don’t remember Zach Perkins’ name, he’s the Air Force runner that surprised many when he finished second to Mac Fleet in the NCAA 1,500m final. His nickname is Snakebite. From what we can tell in these photos, Zach Perkins was a boy. Snakebite was a man.

This is the look of someone who owns one too many Jillian Michaels DVDs. The one on the right is the reaction when someone is sharing their cross-fit routines with you and you have to pretend to care even for a little bit.

Mitch, you wanted to become internet famous and you want to be a big shot business man. Wear that headband around and I’ll buy any used car from you. We’re actually in the market for a Toyota Previa, if anyone wants to sell one to us.

Team of the Week

We almost leaked this week’s team when we featured to former Big Green runners. Coach Barry Harwick reminds me of Joe Maddon a little bit because he’s cultivating a laid back atmosphere where his guys can have fun while still running well. It could also be the gray hair and mustache.

We’re going to venture a guess and say that Benji does a fantastic Owen Wilson impression. “Oh wow.”

Julian, I had the same reaction when I saw the uncensored version of Janet Jackson’s Super bowl halftime show.

That haircut makes it look like the he just tried to summit Everest and his hair got blown back like that.

Quinn once starred in a History Channel special on the Origin of Man as a Homo Erectus extra.

A look inspired after binge-watching Narcos and Ken Burns’ Civil War documentary.

Hero of the Week

Coachella was sick.

Citius Mag Staff