Feast your eyes on the best male athlete portraits in track and field (Part VI)

By Citius Mag Staff

May 10, 2017

We’re back with our critically acclaimed series after a one-week hiatus due to Breaking2. We’re here to break the internet with some more beautiful faces.

Some background if you’re just joining in for our fun.

For most, the opportunity to have widely-circulated portrait ends in high school, or starts after your first petty crime, but, PER USUAL, student-athletes are exempt from these rules. They get their mugs immortalized 1-3 times a career depending on the quality of their respective sports information department intern. And, If we’ve learned anything over the years, it’s if you give a runner the chance to act like a high schooler again, he or she will double-down on that offer every damn time. After this was a hit, we’ve decided to make it a recurring weekly round-up on Citius Mag dot com, we present a handful of kids who loved playing dress-up well after it was an activity anything close to appropriate with regards to their age.

We know you have more so shoot them our way via email or Twitter DM. Our info is at the bottom of the post.

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Onto this week’s champions and we’re going all Luther XC edition:

The stare says “I’m looking toward the future,” but the hair says “the future is looking rough.”

You see that? He just sold you renter’s insurance for five dollars a month.

We were unable to find the teammate whose eyebrows he stole and affixed above his lips.

This is the most understated photo of the bunch. On most teams it would be a stand-out. Well done, Luther.

If somebody wants to try Photoshopping his beard as his hair, and his hair as his beard, we will run it next week or Tweet it or something. Beautiful symmetry.

This is the look of intensity during a race when there’s about 400 meters left and you can spot the dude in front of you fading. This is also the same amount of neck extension that occurred when Anthony Joshua knocked out Wladimir Klitschko. The tendons in his neck could not be extended any further.

Got nothing quippy to say. This guy just looks like a sweetheart.

Memorial Day weekend is coming up and our buddy is here to remind you to lather up on sunscreen and if you’re about to take a nap on the beach, don’t forget to remove your sunscreen. Score this one Sun 1 – Humans 0.

If this guy isn’t the team’s antagonist I don’t know who is.

I’ve only ever seen commercials for that show Silicon Valley, but I’m 99% sure this guy has a starring role in it.

I heard if you try look like Scott Fauble, you can run faster.

This expression is a throwback to the old-timey weight lifting competitions that took place on Coney Island in the early 1900s. All that’s missing is the oversized, spherical dumbbells and all-black leotard.


Hero of the Week 6

They say college is where you find out who you truly are. We’d like to congratulate our friend here on discovering his best self by senior year; way to not settle for a very frightening camp counselor vibe of the sophomore or junior year version.


Division I, II or III or even high school track team portraits are welcome. We know there’s more out there so sent them our way by email citiusmag@gmail.com or DM us on Twitter.

Citius Mag Staff