Debajo Dos: Paul suffers from Runner’s Amnesia in New York

By Paul Snyder

February 27, 2017

Disaster struck again this week from a training-report standpoint as I have forgotten what I did for several of my Debajo Dos workouts this week. On one day I can’t even remember if I ran at all. I attribute this newfound forgetfulness to “Runner’s Amnesia”, which is a subclinical condition that I’m sure is real. Nevertheless, I will do my best to recreate my week’s training below, as you all dutifully turn to it for inspiration.

Also, enjoy this video that produced by good friend Craig.

Monday, February 20th:

The week began for me in a room sans light bulbs at an old friend’s new home in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York. Kyle invited me to his fitness group’s morning practice, so I obliged. I think they were called the New Jersey & New York Runner’s Brigade? Anyway, I warmed up with Kyle and my other old friend Johnny. Then I sat perfectly still on the cold metal bleachers as they partook in a track workout that I paid little attention to. When they finished, I cooled down with them for a solid six mile day.

Tuesday, February 21th:

Back in Brooklyn, I combined a social commute with the day’s exercise by running up Kent Ave. into Williamsburg to meet a friend outside of his barbershop. His haircut looked great.

Wednesday, February 22th:

For my final day in Brooklyn, I did a loop of Prospect Park, purposefully underdressed to ensure I remained tough while on vacation. No other memories of the day remain.

Thursday, February 23th:

I have no recollection of what I did this day. I got back to Flagstaff late the night before and awoke this morning with a bloody nose. I suppose this was the worst day of Runner’s Amnesia as it seems my memories manifested in blood form and trickled out of my nose as I slept. I may have run. But who’s to say?

Friday, February 24th:

After fully recovering from my short-term brain disease and re-acclimating to altitude, I joined some pals for a fitness jog around NAU’s campus. At the run’s conclusion, my friend and mentor Stephen asked if I wanted to do “strides.” I consented not knowing what that meant. It turns out doing “strides” just means you are racing your friend all-out eight times on a track. He won each “stride,” which was pure luck.

Saturday, February 25th:

Even though this week’s specifics were at times hazy, my thoughts were cogent enough to know I hadn’t done a conventional workout in a while. So I joined the college students at NAU’s campus recreation center and did two by mile at 5:00 on the treadmill while sweating heavily and breathing loudly. Then I did four 200m sprints on the track in 32 to 30 seconds, before grabbing my knapsack and walking to the car.

Sunday, February 26th:

I sprained my ankle several times while running with my lovely girlfriend Jeanne next to a railroad track. If working your muscles makes you faster, I can only hope nearly tearing your tendons does so too.

I think this was another solid week. After poking around on the internet some, I see a lot of pundits praising the effectiveness of “banned drug infusions.” Can anyone point me in the direction of where I might find some? If not, can somebody explain how to use “Craig’s List?” Less than two full months until I attempt the impossible. Jesus take the wheel.

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