Netflix’s Sprint Documentary Series Renewed For Second Season For Paris 2024

By Chris Chavez

May 15, 2024

Netflix announced its partnership with the International Olympic Committee to produce a second season of their track and field docuseries following the top sprinters in the world.

Here’s What You Need To Know:

The series was officially announced last summer and has been titled Sprint. It will come out in July 2024 before track and field starts at the Summer Games on Aug. 1.

– The first season consists of six 45-minute episodes that follow athletes in the leadup to and at the 2023 World Championships in Budapest. Season 2 will reportedly be four 45-minute episodes that will chronicle the road to the Paris Olympics.

– Last summer’s release noted that athletes from the “U.S., Jamaica, the United Kingdom, Ivory Coast, Kenya and Italy” would be part of the series. The full list of athletes involved with Season 1 has yet to be announced.

– Noah Lyles, who also had his own documentary series with NBC’s Peacock, is one of the athletes who will be part of Season 1. The May 15th announcement also noted Sha’Carri Richardson, who became the first woman to win 100m gold at the World Championships since 2017, was part of the Season 1 cast of athletes. Jamaica’s Shericka Jackson, the 200m world champion, was also one of the other athletes followed.

– Box To Box Films, which produced Season 1 and is behind the hit sports documentary series Drive To Survive and Full Swing, will produce the second season in association with the Olympic Channel.

High Praise From Box To Box Co-Founder

Paul Martin, the co-founder of Box To Box Films, made a recent appearance on the Move The Ball Podcast and talked up Sprint without sharing any spoilers.

"We're just finishing what I think is an extraordinary show about 100m and 200m runners,” he said. “We were lucky enough to follow a group of athletes up to and including the World Championships in Budapest. We're going to follow that same group of athletes up to the Paris Olympics, which is amazing. It's a really amazing show. We had great access to Noah Lyles, Sha'Carri Richardson, Jamaican sprinters and Gabby Thomas. There's a moment in there – I'm not going to ruin it. But there's a moment in the show that is some of the best and most emotional scenes we've ever filmed. You get to this stage where you've watched parts and cuts like 25 to 30 times over the course of a show. There's one particular scene in our sprints show that just kills me every time. It's so emotional. It's so magical. I can't wait for people to see it. I think that show is some of the best work that we've done. There's just a purity about sprinting. That idea that everybody gets on the line and the gun goes off and whoever gets to the end first wins. There's a purity to the show and I think it's one of the best shows that we've done."

Chris Chavez

Chris Chavez launched CITIUS MAG in 2016 as a passion project while working full-time for Sports Illustrated. He covered the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and grew his humble blog into a multi-pronged media company. He completed all six World Marathon Majors and is an aspiring sub-five-minute miler.