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January 5, 2022

An Update On CITIUS MAG In 2022

Hello friends! Happy New Year! Time for a little bit of personal and professional news, we are taking a major step forward with CITIUS MAG in 2022.

For those who are newer to following CITIUS MAG, allow me to reintroduce myself. I am Chris Chavez. I have covered track and field at all levels from high school to the Olympics for the past decade. I wrote and edited stories across all sports for Sports Illustrated for the past 6.5 years while also providing my own original reporting around the biggest stories within track and field, marathons and the Olympics. I got my start covering the sport with Flotrack, ESPN and Sporting News while I was in college.

In 2017, I decided to start CITIUS MAG as a new voice within the track and field media space for commentary, analysis, humor and personality. We came out of the gates with relatable, engaging and fun written content before leaning more into the podcasting space for storytelling.

Four years later we dipped our toes into the broadcasting space along with Trials of Miles Racing to produce three free live streams of professional track meets, which were received with lots of positive fanfare. In partnership with Hayward Magic, I helped direct a program called The Magic Boost, which aimed to mentor and amplify some of the rising track and field storytellers. On the podcasting front, we now have a network filled with with engaging interviews across The CITIUS MAG PodcastMore Than Running with Dana GiordanoRun Your Mouth with David MellySocial Sport with Emma Zimmerman and D3 Glory Days with Stu Newstat + Noah Droddy. Last year, we produced more than 226 hours of content.

Across written word, audio, video and social media, we’ve strived to share original and quality content that pushes the sport forward. CITIUS MAG is going to be my full-time home for my writing, podcasts and videos. 

2022 is going to bring you more of what you love and some new things. (Please welcome, The Lap Count into the fold 🙂) More details and specifics will be coming soon.

chris chavez kyle merber citius mag 2022

Get ready for more of this in 2022. (Photo by Justin Britton/@justinbritton)

I hope you continue following along as this country prepares to host the world championships this summer in Eugene, Oregon and the Olympics in Los Angeles in 2028.

CITIUS MAG was a passion project for me for nearly the past five years – doing interviews after a full day of writing/editing, producing podcasts late at night, calling sponsors, etc. Now, I’ve decided to go all-in at this pivotal moment for track and field. I’ve enlisted the help and hired some friends as we try to share and create more stories that center on the things that make this sport one of the best, showcase the athletes and help usher in more new fans.

Thanks for your support! Consider backing this venture on Patreon or Venmo, if you’re feeling generous!

I love track and field,

Chris Chavez

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