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March 19, 2017

Debajo Dos: One month left of work

With week seven of training in the books and less than a month to go until showtime, I’m feeling pretty snappy. The past seven days have been probably the smoothest sailing of my heroic training block and in the process of training for one world record, I may have inadvertently set another. No, I’m not talking about me brazenly running seven days consecutively, although I’ll have to check on those stats. I’m talking about a 1,600 meter time trial I completed this past Wednesday. Read on, dear sports fans.

Monday, March 13th

Huge mileage day in Albuquerque with Jeanne along the Rio Grande. Eight miles.

Tuesday, March 14th:

Ill-advised back-to-back long run day, as Jeanne and our friend who is also named Paul once again breached the eight mile threshold. Sometimes you gotta flirt with that red line, careful not to cross it.

Wednesday, March 15th

The 1,600 meter distance is rarely contested and so I can’t imagine accurate records are kept for it. But I’m fairly sure my time trial today established a new world’s best. Four minutes and 38 seconds for the ol’ four lap fiasco. I limped off the track almost certain I’d been dismembered by quartering horses, but feeling exceedingly confident in my ability to go sub-2 in about a month.

Thursday, March 16th

Listened to my body and kept things under control with a four-miler featuring zen guru Stephen Kersh. I could feel small holes and fissures developing in my overstressed bones as we wrapped things up, so I consumed some protein-rich tacos after to reconstitute anything that had been decalcified through excessive exercise this week.

Friday, March 17th

Most athletes would have taken a few days off to give themselves cortisone enemas after an effort like mine on Wednesday. But not this athlete. Four mile tempo on the treadmill averaging about 5:35 pace, then hit the track to do some short sprints. Woof.

Saturday, March 18th

Probably should have rested. But my friend Ryan was in town and so this was a hospitality jog.

Sunday, March 19th

A much slower hospitality jog of a similar distance to yesterday’s, after being over-served at the Elk’s lodge in town during a charity trivia event the night before. (Our team tied for second and the sting of that defeat will surely fuel my fire for another couple of weeks.)

I won’t be surprised if after this nearly 40 mile week, I come down with consumption, the grippe, or conjunctivitis due to my bullheaded approach to life and sport. Many detractors have cautioned me against burning the candle at both ends… well I say to those naysayers to find yourself a more creatively designed candle or some burlier wax. Let me know if anyone wants that printed on a motivational t-shirt to wear to the gym or church.

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