My Houston Marathon Recap + Reflection | 2:59:12 (Guest Host: Ali Feller of 'The Ali On The Run Show')

The CITIUS MAG Podcast

January 18, 2024

Finally! 2:59:12 at the 2024 Houston Marathon.

10 years after starting my marathoning career, I finally managed to break three hours in the marathon. This one was a long time coming.

I'm so thankful for all the kind messages, comments and texts that I received afterward so it felt like a win for the community and the everyday runner.

For this episode, I’m turning over the reins to my dear friend Ali Feller, the host of 'The Ali on The Run Show.' She is so much fun, the perfect person to joke around with and to get a chance to reflect on the journey.

Host: Ali Feller | @aliontherun1 on Instagram

Guest: Chris Chavez | @chris_j_chavez on Instagram

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Chris Chavez

Chris Chavez launched CITIUS MAG in 2016 as a passion project while working full-time for Sports Illustrated. He covered the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and grew his humble blog into a multi-pronged media company. He completed all six World Marathon Majors and is an aspiring sub-five-minute miler.

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