Lindsley Kump, founder of Womxn Who Move, on finding joy and inclusion in sport

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September 6, 2021

Lindsley Kump is a mama, wife, fur baby mom, field event marketing manager, trail runner, and the founder of Womxn Who Move. Originally from Hawaii, she has called Colorado home for 18 years now. Road running has been a key part of her life for almost 7 years now, and over the last year, she has transitioned into trail running. It’s where her heart is; she finds she is happiest in nature and on the trails. With that being said, she believes a lot needs to change within the trail running community to be more diverse and inclusive for BIPOC runners.

In 2021, she started a new, all-inclusive community called Womxn_Who_Move, dedicated to empowering, encouraging, and inspiring womxn through movement.

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–“Fear, fear of not being seen and fear for my own safety, is a factor whenever I go out for a run. I’m always going to be fearful, but I try not to let that stop me from doing something. If you feel that joy, if trail running or hiking or anything brings you that joy, try to remember that. Try to remember how it makes you feel in that moment, to help you move past the fear.” -Lindsley Kump

–“Life really really is short. Don’t take things for granted. For a long time, I have been very comfortable and have taken a lot of things for granted. It made me realize that I needed to start pushing past my comfort zone and speaking up for things that were not right… I needed to start using my voice the best that I possibly could to stand up for things that were not okay, and I needed to start doing the things that I was passionate about.” -Lindsley Kump

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*photo by Alison Vagnini