NCAA Championships Predictions For Sprints + Field Events

Jasmine Todd and Katelyn Hutchison break down their predictions for the 2023 NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships which are set for June 7-10 at the University of Texas. Hear their thoughts on all of the sprints and field events including Britton Wilson's double gold potential, a STACKED women's 100m hurdles race, and how will Julien Alfred fare on her home track in the women's 100m.

You'll be able to watch the meet on ESPN2 and ESPN+.

You can find the complete start lists here.

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NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championship PreviewNCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championship Preview

What will Britton Wilson run in the women's 400m and 400m hurdles?

KATELYN: “You gotta run 48 to win. I guarantee you Britton (Wilson) or Rhasidat (Adeleke) is going 48…I think it will be 48-high. I don’t think it’s going to be like a 48.5 or 48-low. I think the winning time will be 48.97.”

JASMINE: Britton is a dawg.

KATELYN: She is a DAWG. Shawty is so cold.

JASMINE: The only reason I’m picking Rhasidat is because she’s on her home track. That’s one reason. Two: Britton is running the 400m hurdles – but she’s such a dawg that I don’t think it’s going to affect her in that way but it does give Rhasidat an advantage. Her legs are going to be a little fresher and she’s on her home track. From experience, when you’re on your home track, there’s a magic that comes.

KATELYN: I don’t think the 400m hurdles will affect her that much. Here’s the thing with Britton. Her PR is 53.08 for 400m hurdles. She doesn’t need to run that fast to win NCAAs in the women’s 400m hurdles. She can if she wants to. But I don’t think she goes that fast because she’s trying to go double gold…I think she wins the 400m hurdles in like 54-mid because no one is going to catch her. If someone comes up on her, she has enough strength to just go, if she needs to. I think she’s going to win the 400m hurdles and we’re not going to see her run as fast as we want to see her run. She’s going to come back and run that 48 in the 400m.

JASMINE: The 400m hurdles is her event. I feel like when you want to go run your event and that’s your baby, you’re going to show out in it.

KATELYN: I know that’s her baby but based on numbers, the 400m open is her child.

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Katelyn Hutchison

Katelyn Hutchison came aboard just ahead of the 2022 U.S. Outdoor Championships in Eugene, and made her mark right away. Currently competing for the University of Kentucky, Katelyn previously set school records and garnered DIII All-American certificates at Ithaca College.

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